Percent of Caregivers That Are Female
Percent of Women That Are The Primary Breadwinner
Many professional women are faced with the conflict of taking care of their children (or other family members) while simultaneously focusing on building careers. Talking about the emotional impact of this conflict is an important step in goal planning that should happen before reviewing the financial solutions.

Financial Planning and Investment Management are not inherently gendered; however, women do face a different set of challenges when considering their financial plan. We focus on cultivating client relationships with women because we understand those unique challenges and transitions they may face. We work with women to help them manage their financial lives, especially during and after times of crisis and significant change. There are differences between financial planning for men and women because women live longer, tend to take time out of the workforce to raise families, and may not have been that involved in the household financial matters. Often they feel overwhelmed when having to make all these decisions they have historically not had to make. These differences require different planning strategies when it comes to social security planning, investment management needs and much more. 

We provide the guidance in times of transition such as the loss of a loved one, divorce, career change or retirement. Guidance that is not limited to getting your financial affairs in order. We maintain an open channel of communication and strive to know and understand your goals and passions. We aim to empower women to make financial decisions with confidence. To do that we may wear many hats– acting for some as an educator, while for others a coach. In the end, we want to help women not just maximize their financial capital but also their human capital and have peace of mind.