About Us

Who are we? To put it simply, we are your family CFO.

We work with you to bring your financial goals and dreams from the “Oh, I should do this…..” idea stage to the tangible game plan stage. 

First, we listen and learn. We get to know you then we dive into the technical stuff. We focus on comprehensive planning from helping you to determine where you are right now to developing a retirement income plan for you. We run sophisticated “what if” scenarios to see how the plan would have faired in thousands of different market conditions then give you a probability of success. We also help in the areas of tax planning, estate planning, and investment management– providing you with personalized, objective financial advice. We coordinate with accountants and attorneys to help implement holistic tax and estate planning strategies that improve your overall financial situation and leave you in control. 

We believe in the philosophy that wealth is a means, rather than an end. We strive to assist you in your life goals whether that be a comfortable retirement, higher education, charitable giving or simply financial security. 

Our Process:

 Introductory Meeting

At the Introductory meeting, we provide you with an understanding of why investors often fail and the importance of a disciplined investment process. We then introduce our Investment Consulting Process and the investment management team.

Discovery Session

At this meeting, we work with you to complete the Discovery process, which allows us to develop a clear picture of your financial position, goals and objectives, and your tolerance for risk.

Investment Plan Meeting

Once we clearly understand your financial objectives and have established your Risk/Return Profile, we develop and present a specific Investment Proposal and Dynamic Investment Policy Statement (DIPS) to address these issues.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

At this point, we execute all of the necessary documents to establish and fund your investment account.

45-DAY Review Meeting

Shortly after we’ve established the your investment account, we advise on which documents you should retain and provide you with an ID and password for your secure account access via the Client 1st website.

Regular Reviews

 We regularly deliver a comprehensive Performance Review, showing you exactly where you stand in relation to their goals and objectives. When and if you financial circumstances change, we are ready to suggest changes to your investment strategy. 

Why a fiduciary?

As an independent advisor, our sole allegiance is to our client.  We are proud to operate as fiduciaries. Our fiduciary role requires us to act with the highest standard of care regarding all client matters, from investment analysis to retirement planning. We are a fee-only firm, meaning do not accept commissions or participate in revenue sharing arrangements with investment companies. If we recommend a product that usually offers advisor commissions, our clients are able to purchase the product at a discount because the advisor commission is  removed.