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Client 1st Advisory Group

Welcome to Client 1st Advisory Group.  

Who we are

At Client 1st Advisory Group, we believe our name says it all.  We always have, and always will hold our clients’ best interest as our number one priority. Our core values are founded on investing smarter and safer by building a solid financial platform tailored to each client’s individual needs and goals.

As an independent advisor, our sole allegiance is to our client.  We are proud to operate as fiduciaries. Our fiduciary role requires us to act with the highest standard of care regarding all client matters, from investment analysis to retirement planning. We are a fee-only firm, meaning do not accept commissions or participate in revenue sharing arrangements with investment companies. If we recommend a product that usually offers advisor commissions, our clients are able to purchase the product at a discount because there is no built-in commission. Bottom Line: As fiduciaries, we typically can save the client more than partnering with a traditional broker. 

The partners of Client 1st Advisory Group are Craig Phillips, Michelle Mabry, Dave Stieh and Shaun Fedder. Together we bring strong, synergistic leadership and experience to the table. We take great pride in giving you financial peace of mind by being readily available with a knowledgeable, proactive approach.

Our quality service is rooted in our years of experience in wealth management, retirement planning, and trust and estate planning. Our goal is to optimize your financial future, we believe our active person-to-person consultation is most effective in achieving that goal, however, our state-of-the-art technology and systems allow the client as much or as little advisor contact as desired.

What we do

Our primary goal: is to first, protect your wealth, then allow you to participate in the financial markets. In doing so, we apply several sophisticated “what if” scenario methodologies to your ideal and acceptable financial goals. Using a highly advanced analysis tool, we simulate one thousand lifetimes of investing, including the potential for markets producing results worse than the Great Depression and the Crash of ’29. These analyses allow us to determine if you have a high enough probability of success in your financial plan. We embed confidence in your financial plan to help achieve your goals while avoiding unnecessary investment risk and undue sacrifice to your lifestyle.

We believe in the philosophy that wealth is a means, rather than an end. We strive to assist you in achieving your life’s goals… whether it be a comfortable and dignified retirement, higher education, worldwide travel or simply a lifetime of financial security. Through solid financial planning and strategic advice, we can help guide you through life’s many changes and challenges— both anticipated and unexpected. In short, at Client 1st Advisory Group, we want to financially empower you to pursue your dreams.

Thank you for visiting our website and we welcome the opportunity to personally speak with you about your financial goals any time.