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The Trade War that Isn’t — Yet

Michelle Mabry “Best in State” Press Release

Downturn for What?

What the Tax Bill Means to You

Strategies for Diversifying Concentrated Stock Positions

How Will the North Korea Situation Impact My Portfolio?

Forget the Dow!

The Government Balance Sheet

The Fed Rate Hike

The Fed Raised Rates- Now What?

Reason to Panic?

Are Berexit Fears Overblown?

Brexit Aftermath

Brexit Update

Why Is The Market Suddenly So Volatile?

Interest Rates are Finally Going to Begin Rising…

File and Suspend Is Ending…

The Paris Attacks

Words of Wisdom

So What About Friday’s Market Drop?

What’s Really Behind Yuan’s Devaluation?

The Greek Tragedy Continues to Play Out


Healthcare’s Future is Close at Hand.  Literally

Good News/Bad News!

Investment Losses Matter….More Than You Think!

The Industry Double Standard:   Fiduciary & Suitability

Scared of the Volatile Market?  Don’t Be!

It’s Confirmed – The Stock Market is Rigged!

What About myRA?

What We Need To Know About Ukraine

Is A Bond Bubble About To Burst?

The Value of Education

You Probably Forgot About Europe Until This Week…

The “Sequester” – Robo-Budget Cuts

Negotiating A Path Away From the Edge

Post-Election Politics: The 30-Year Mission

Hurricane Sandy’s Impact

How Does QE3 Matter to You or the Economy?

Over the Cliff?

Is There Some Optimism Out There After All?

Spain’s Pain

The May Swoon

The Story Behind the Greek Run on the Banks (That Wasn’t)

About IPO’s and Facebook

Brokerizing Financial Advice

“Client Last” – A Goldman Sachs Confession

Let The Tax Debate Begin!

Looking Back…Looking Ahead

Congressional Smoke and Mirrors – A Phantom Stimulus

The US and Eurozone – Two Directions

Cruising Toward European Debt Resolution

Municpal Bond Landscape

Master Limited Partnerships Deserve a Closer Look

September Economy and Market Viewpoint

Getting Through A Divorce With Your Finances Intact


The Mother of all Overreactions

Q&A About Our Market Confusion

America’s Tarnished Credit Rating

U.S Debt Ceiling: Who Will Blink First?

Charitable Giving- Why Give it to Uncle Sam When You Don’t Have To?

So What About Inflation?

U.S. Debt Ceiling – Who Will Blink First (Part II)

The Hangover

US Debt: Who Will Blink First? (Part I)

Power Voids and Vacuums in the Middle East: A Recipe for a Stronger al-Queda?

Why Would the Chinese Buy U.S. Bonds When They Can Buy the U.S.

Cash Balance Plan Changes

Beware of this Scam…It’s Back!

Fears of a U.S. Downgrade

What About Inflation

South Mississippi Business Journal Article on Cash Balance Plans

Putting Market Volatility In Perspective

Japan – Global Update

What We Know So Far About the Tsunami’s Global Impact

Day of Reckoning or Business as Usual

All That Glitters

Roth IRA Conversions Offer Tax Free Distributions: Companies with Net Operating Losses Benefit


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